I Don't Know What It Is, But It's Global Alright

Monday, January 11, 2010
I miss my bike. For four months I've been out of the saddle, and man it sucks.

Don't get me wrong; I should be in the saddle if I were as hardcore as other KC commuters. In fact, the plan was to be, I promise! But then we got about 18 inches of global warming ... Hardcore I'm not.

I think what I miss the most about biking my commute is the meditative aspect of it. Not the Unitarian-temple-Tiger-Woods-Buddhist-Hare-Krishna-dancing-on-The-Plaza kind of meditation. More like the crazy-guy-on-his-bike-talking-to-himself kind.

Speaking of Buddhism, what is it with the Brit Hume stuff? You'd think Hume was getting all fire and brimstone in Tiger's face considering how the media has crucified him. I mean, the dude is just stating a fact about Christianity; it's steeped in forgiveness.


Noah said...

It was getting hairy out there. Badly. I didn't write much about it, but there were a few days I took that "D" route bus that comes right through my apartment complex, and just left the bike at home. That last snow really taught my a lesson. Here's to a nice, melty week ahead. And maybe a new gig for me to ride to.

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