Three Rights Make a Left

Monday, August 24, 2009
I encounter one particular intersection on my commute that makes me nervous enough that I go pedestrian to avoid it. Here's a Street View of it:

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It's a left turn from Southbound Quivera to Eastbound 87th. While it looks manageable here, it's not so friendly when I hit it just after 5:00 PM on my commute home. There are two lanes of left-turn traffic and after the turn vehiculars make mad lane changes to get to the lane they need to hop on I-35 north or south.

The CommuteOrlando Blog offers some alternative left-turn options that might just work for me in this situation. Here is a flash from the blog that does a good job illustrating some of the options:

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The Box Turn might be a good option, except that would put me at the head of the pack for the Eastbound traffic, and I think that would really piss off some drivers. The Jug-Handle Turn would take me another block in the wrong direction, but it's an accepted maneuver at my u-turn point, as you can see by the road sign:

I do like the three-rights-to-make-a-left option, too. I may experiment with these and see which one leaves me feeling the safest without eating up too much commute time in the process.


Noah said...

I live at that intersection. The stretch of 87th between Lackman and Santa Fe Drive (let's say Antioch) is just insane during rush hours. Motorists can barely keep their cars from hitting one another. I see a lot of fender benders around there. That doesn't bode well for us cyclists. I also go pedestrian along 87th. Just make sure you don't confuse "pedestrian" with "riding on the sidewalk" because you really do need to make sure your intersections are clear before hammering on it.

I have a few alternate routes that minimize the riding I have to do on 87th street, or bypass it all together for most of my commuting and errand runs. What major intersections are you starting/ending at?

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